Monday, November 13, 2017

Registration now Closed

Registration for the 
2017 Remembering Together 
Ornament Swap 
is now closed. 
All registered participants who have sent us their confirmation email will receive their Swap assignments no later than Thursday, November 16th. Then, the crafting can begin! Thank you to all who registered & confirmed, we have had a record response this year, and we are looking forward to a fantastic Swap!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Remember to confirm your Registration!

Hello, Swappers!
Registration continues to roll along, and will be open until this Sunday November 12th at 6pm EST. If you have been waiting, wait no longer! Sign up now! After registration closes, you can expect to receive your Swap assignments no later than Thursday, November 16th. Then the crafting can begin!

When you register, we send you a confirmation email that requires your response in order to complete the registration process. Depending on how your email filter is set up, that email can end up languishing in your spam folder unless we are in your contacts, and you might miss it! Putting us in your email contacts is the #1 Golden Rule, and when you register, you are asked to read and agree to these rules. Our email address is

So, there are a few folks whose confirmation responses we are still waiting for. If your first initial and the first three letters of your last name are listed below, we need to hear from you soon, or you may miss the registration deadline at the end of this weekend. Please check your spam folder and put us in your contacts.

K. Hyr...
L. Bai...
A. Nol... 
J. Roo...

Also, missing info from your reg forms:
T. Kla..& J. Sch...

Contact us ASAP... 
This list will be updated daily from now until the close of registration, it does not apply to you if you registered on today's date.