Sunday, November 27, 2016

Crafting Continues... Shipping date approaches on December 5th, 2016

As the rampant commercialism of the holiday season kicks off, the days get shorter and darker, and our to-do lists grow longer, one peaceful place to lose ourselves is in the cathartic and creative act of making an ornament for a fellow loss family. This is what the swap is all about. We hope everyone has been enjoying the crafting... here at Remembering Together we have already been getting a sneak peek at some of the beautiful ornaments that are en route to their families. Once you receive your ornament, we invite you to share a photo with us by email or private facebook message; we will post it to our small [but growing!] global community of loss parents through facebook and our blog. If you are the proud maker of the ornament, it is best to allow your recipient be the one to do the photo-sharing out of respect for their privacy.
Peace and gratitude, everyone!

If you have not already "liked" us on facebook, please do so by clicking here! aside from fun photos, it is also a great way to get important info & reminders each year for the Swap. 

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