Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quick Reminders

If possible, please try to mail out your ornament tomorrow, December 6. It would be great if most families could receive their ornament well before the holiday spirit is in full swing. And if you run into problems, don't forget to email me for reinforcements!

Once you receive your ornament, if you feel so moved, please snap a pic and email it to me: roseyjenni AT gmail. When I've collected a good number of pictures, I'll post them here to be admired. :)

I really enjoyed the opportunity to sit down with my family and make an ornament for someone else's baby. Lots of love flowing. I'm thinking of you all, crafting away out there, and am so grateful for your participation in this project.


  1. I'll be sending mine out in the morning! Thanks Jenni!

  2. I'm annoyed at myself that I didn't take a picture BEFORE I sent them! Hopefully my mama can snap a few when she gets them (yes, I made two!)
    It has been so lovely to be involved with this, Jenni.

  3. Looking forward to receiving my ornament! I sent mine out ab few days after I was assigned my mama, I was too excited not to send it right away. I'm like a little kid when it come to Christmas gifts :)

  4. I received mine yesterday and it is really beautiful. I now feel a little embarrassed by what I made--I am not particularly crafty and I wish I could have done the same quality as what I was given. But it was done with great love.

  5. Sent my ornament yesterday and wow the post office line was long. I hope that the ornament will arrive safe and sound. It felt good to make it for another babylost mom. Thanks again for hosting this swap. :)

  6. I sent the ornament I made last Thursday or Friday and it made it to the recipient by Monday - I was so relieved!

    I made matching ornaments for our daughters, so I will post Serenity's ornament on my blog after we get the tree up.

    And 'thank you' Jenni for organizing!