Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We Made This Together

Here are some of the beautiful ornaments you made for one another this month. They are so special!

Also, I received a video from Angie displaying her lovely ornament from Kristin:

If you've received your ornament but haven't sent me a photo yet, please send one if you feel inspired. I'd love to make another montage video; this first one shows about 30 ornaments, but of course many more have been made.

I know that some of you haven't received your ornament yet, and that some of you just received your ornament today. I've done a little checking, and from what I can tell all the ornaments have been made or are being made and sent, but the mail is very slow, especially internationally. My hope is that all of your ornaments will arrive before the New Year.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. However, I am stepping back from the swap until the middle of next week, while I try to get some Christmas cheer going around my household.

Wishing you each a measure of peace this season... xo


  1. Beautiful ornaments!!! So creative too!

  2. What a beautiful slideshow, Jenni!
    Thank you so much!! xo

  3. So wonderful to see so many ornaments. x

  4. Tears.... so much love and beauty and remembrance.

  5. So creative and inspiring! Thanks for putting the video together, Jenni. <3